Thursday, 31 January 2013

2013 Bestie Bucket List

 Hello Friends,

We meant to get round to posting this blog aaaages ago, but we're just way too busy and important (ahem....).

In Summer 2011, Salt became single again after three years. She tried drowing her sorrows for a while, but when that turned out to be a terrible idea (Who'd have thought it?!), she decided to start doing little things to get her back on track to feeling like herself again and employed the help of Satch (of course) and our friend Jacklin, to come up with a bit of a bucket list for her. However, as Salt didn't, in fact, get round to doing anything on the list, we've decided that there's strength in numbers, and we're going to do it together.

We're calling it our 2013 bestie bucket list but don't worry, we don't have a joint suicide planned in December!

The items range from big and scary to small and lovely, (thankfully, speed dating has been removed too) and we're going to blog about how it's all going throughout the year. Anyone is welcome to have a go at our list, and see if you can beat us, which, as it's the end of January and we haven't started it yet, is probably likely. As we mentioned earlier, we're just too busy and important!

So here it is :)

Write a Novel

Run a Half-Marathon

Knit something 

Bake something you've never baked before

Read a classic novel you've never read before

Watch a film saga in one sitting

Get a tattoo (SO scared!)

Watch a classic film you've never seen before

Learn 3 new songs on an instrument

Start your mornings a different way every day for a month

Learn to draw something you can't currently draw

Send a lovely text to a different person every day for a month

Have a complete makeover


Drinking match with Daddy Satch (Much harder than it sounds!)

Burn a load of unnecessary old stuff on a bonfire

Put on an AMAZING meal for your friends

Sky Dive

Bake 10 different cupcake flavours

Try on 3 things in a shop you normally wouldn't touch

Get something super weird from a charity shop and wear it out

Walk on custard

Learn wine appreciation/wine tasting

Skinny dipping

Horse riding

Make a fancy dress costume from scratch

Learn to drive (Neither of us have done this, despite Salt trying...)

Have a proper greasy kebab (Satch still hasn't done this, as she was a let down of a student, apparently!)

Buy the stranger in the queue behind you a coffee.

And thats that! 2013 looks like its going to be exciting! What do you reckon? Any take your fancy? We're always happy to hear about your progress and suggestions/recommendations.

Happy New Year,
Salt & Satch

1 comment:

  1. ok so I'll try sky diving from your list, I wanted to write a book for kids too(I've started one a couple of years ago but never went on writing it).
    I know how to drive already and have already put on an great meal for my friends... (yeah I'm showing off! lol)so that won't be on my list!
    I'll add learn how to fly a glider on mine! ;)

    good luck with your list! ;)